Is the Video Game City Story Worth Downloading to Your iPad?

With so many game applications to choose from on your iPad, it is hard to decide which ones are worth hogging up space, and which ones you can just leave behind.
I am sure plenty of you have seen the game application City Story, and were intrigued by it due to the fact that its small icon resembles that of CityVille, a popular game on Facebook by Zynga.

That was basically how I got sucked into it. I was initially looking to download a CityVille application and came to a dead end. Instead I figured I would give City Story a try as it resembled it a lot.

The basics are just as simple. You build homes, create businesses, collect money from said businesses, and you keep on adding new tid bits like parks, decorations, roads and homes.

However City Story is far from fun, in fact the game got pretty pointless after giving it a try for a few days.


The graphics in City Story for the iPad are not bad at all. The layout is nice, clean, and crisp, and it makes beautiful use of the real estate on your iPad’s touch screen.

Music and Sounds:

Nothing flashy or fancy here. Thankfully nothing catchy either, just your usual run of the mill hum drum plays in the background. Nothing impressive, but nothing annoying either.


No plot here folks. The game is strictly business. It is set up in a manner where you simply create businesses, and factories in which you create items in order to collect a paycheck. You then use this paycheck to decorate your city. If that is what you would call it.


The reason this game failed to continue to reside on my iPad was because it was boring, pointless, and lacking in a ton of ways. The only way to collect money is through your factory. Your businesses like cafes and so on are all pointless. They do nothing but hog up space in your city, and look cool. Nothing more, nothing less.

You have a population, but you will never see them. Your city is empty flooded with nothing but homes, factories, and businesses. You won’t ever see any people.

Mostly though what it all boils down to is entertainment, and this game provides none. A click here, and click there of the finger on your factories and there is nothing left to do. No goals, no rhyme, no reason.

All in all downloading this one is a pure waste of time, digging into the game and hoping to find some form of value or entertainment is also pointless.

City Story is a free application, but definitely one you should just pass by.